Kindergarteners Visit Smolak Farm

On Friday, October 5th, kindergartners enjoyed their annual trip to Smolak Farms picking pumpkins and enjoying a day on the Farm.

It has become a rite of passage for all Kindergartners to have a wonderful day in the fresh air, visiting the animals and picking that perfect pumpkin. This annual field trip comes at the end of the Kindergarten Science/Social Studies Unit on farms, apples and pumpkins. It is the perfect culminating event, right in the midst of fall.

Students, teachers and chaperones traveled by bus to Smolak Farm and were greeted by the waiting hay wagons. Everyone enjoyed the scenic ride through the beautiful orchards. Kindergartners learned about bee-keeping at the farm, which is so important to the pollination of the apple trees and learned about life on the farm, being both hard work and rewarding.

Everyone proceeded to the barn for a well-deserved snack of apple cider doughnuts and some socializing. Next, was some time to visit the farm animals and play at the farm's onsite playground. By the time we boarded the bus to come home, there were some very tired kindergartners, parents and teachers