Family Fitness Night: A fun family night of exercising!

Last week we held our annual Family Fitness Night run by Mrs. Leavitt and Mr. Nackley.  Little School families came out and had lots of fun together while exercising. We had parents and community members run all the stations. This year, we had 134 people attend including parents and children. There were 5 stations including:

  • Yoga run by Mrs. Kelly Allston (parent at the Little School)
  • Gaga Pit run by Mr. Nackley
  • Golf run by the Hillview Country Club with a former Little School student (Pat Scanlon) as an instructor
  • Aerobics run by Michelle O'Connor from Fit-Rev, and
  • Karate run by Cervizzi's Martial Arts Academy.  

It was such a great night to see the children interacting in such a fun way and the parents always seem to enjoy it as well! Also, this year, Stop and Shop generously donated bottles of water for all participants.

Thank you Mrs. Leavitt and Mr. Nackley for organizing such a fun night. We hope to see more families next year! 

family fitness night 2.jpg