First Grade Play: "Bug Off!"

In June, Ms. Fabian's first grade class entertained both parents and the school with the musical "Bug Off"!  Louie the Ladybug (played by Tyler Costello) is the victim of bullying from Wanda the Wasp (played by Linda Zeng) on the playground. Their teacher, Mrs. Longlegs (portrayed by Isabella Bouchard) gives her class strategies to fly away from this aggressive behavior with these S.A.F.E. steps:

1) Say what you feel
2) Ask for help
3) Find a friend
4) Exit the area

The first graders dressed up like bees, wasps, lady bugs, and ants in this colorful production which included original songs. The children rehearsed for weeks and their hard work payed off with wonderful performances by all.  

After the production, both Ms. Fabian & Mrs. Elwell's classes showcased bug projects in the Little School courtyard for parents and faculty. Each student was given an insect to research and learn about in digital learning. Then they brought their insect to life by drawing, painting, and sculpting them in art class. The bugs were then scattered throughout the courtyard gardens for all to explore and enjoy.