Third Graders Bring Recycling to the Little School Cafeteria!

Little School third graders were inspired when they learned about ocean pollution from a recent PTO-funded enrichment program

When the Whalemobile enrichment program visited the school in March, Mrs. Bradley’s third grade class couldn’t believe how much plastic ends up in our oceans. Motivated to make a positive impact on their world, these third graders were determined to make a change right here at school.

In class, the students designed posters and wrote letters that described their ideas for how the Little School could reduce the amount of trash it produced. The students had three goals in mind: to have a recycle bin available in the cafeteria, to replace plastic straws with compostable straws, and to replace styrofoam lunch trays with recyclable cardboard trays.

Once they had their compelling letters and posters ready, the class invited Mrs. Molle in to listen to their concerns. Mrs. Molle was so moved by their commitment that she pledged to talk to the district administration. Much to the delight of the third graders, and the whole Little School community, the school administrators agreed to provide a brand new recycling bin for the Little School cafeteria right away!

To announce this new addition to the cafeteria, Mrs. Molle spoke to all students about this new recycling opportunity during their lunch periods one day in April. Now, our elementary school plastic and glass containers have a place to go -- and it’s not into the ocean!

We’re grateful for this caring and capable group of children, and for the teacher, principal, and district that supports them. The students hope to continue to work with Mrs. Molle and the school administration to replace styrofoam lunch trays and plastic straws. How wonderful to see the children’s enrichment program teaching them not only about our planet, but also inspiring them to make a difference in their world.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead