November 2017

Dear Little School Families,
What a busy Fall at the Little School!!
The 2nd Annual Halloween Bash was a HUGE success again this year. Special thanks to Jenn Vant and her entire team of volunteers who worked to host a spectacular party! A sold-out crowd enjoyed games, dancing and contests in our Little School Café. Hopefully everyone recovered in time for trick-or-treating!
Our Little School Apparel Sale wrapped up last week. Thank you to Elena DeAngelis for spearheading this initiative. We will all be a tiny bit warmer than usual in our Little School Lab sweatshirts this winter!
Pie Sales are in their last week. Please see the link on our website to place an order for these delicious pies. Purchase for friends and family; and donate to our own North Reading Food Bank.
Finally, I hope all of you enjoy rest, relaxation and joyful hearts as we approach another Thanksgiving. I am personally thankful for all of cup runneth over. I hope to see you at a future PTO meeting or event, and would love to hear any new ideas. Email me any time!
Linda Emery
PTO President