Industrial Revolution: 4th Graders Visit Lowell Mills National Park

Lowell Mills 4th Grade Field Trip 

History was brought to life for the fourth graders during a trip to the Lowell Mills National Park.  

They had a guided tour of the Boott Cotton Mills and Boardinghouses where the Lowell "mill girls" and later immigrants worked and lived.  The students attended the Yankees and Immigrants Workshop, gaining a better understanding of the people who worked in the mills.  Students were given a passport of a person who had immigrated to America and took the role of the immigrant.  Students then participated in a 1800's "town meeting" to debate an issue that troubled Lowell citizens and immigrants in the 1830's.  Taking the role of townspeople, the students discussed their differing opinions only to discover only the votes of wealthy men counted.  

The fourth graders left the Lowell Mills with a new appreciation for the men and women who powered the Industrial Revolution.  

Lowell Mills Field Trip 2018