Author Visit: Jacqueline Davies Visits the Little School

Jacqueline Davies, author of the popular book series, The Lemonade War, visited the Little School in April. The students attended assemblies in which she discussed the steps involved in an idea becoming a book. She then revealed strategies for the students to become better writers and encouraged them to envision themselves as the writers of tomorrow.

The second grade students attended writing workshops entitled, "Map Me A Story". During these small group sessions, Ms. Davies focused on where students can find inspiration for stories.  Drawing a map of her childhood home, she demonstrated how the sketch is filled with potential story ideas. Students were then encouraged to make a map of a favorite place and discover where story ideas are located.  

A lucky group of fourth and fifth graders were able to have lunch with the author. The well informed students were full of insightful questions about her books and characters. Jacqueline Davies' visit was an exciting learning experience that helped inspire our students to imagine, create and publish their own writing!

Jacqueline Davies assembly
4th and 5th Graders enjoyed lunch with Jacqueline Davies!

4th and 5th Graders enjoyed lunch with Jacqueline Davies!