The Whalemobile visited the Little School!

The Whalemobile visited the Little School in May.  The third and fourth grade students attended an assembly where they were introduced to whales off the Coast of New England. The classes learned about baleen and toothed whales and heard what they sound like. They were taught how humpback whales are studied, why they migrate and how they feed.  In the finale, the life size 45 foot humpback whale, Nile, was inflated to the students amazement.

After the initial assembly, the third grade classes had the opportunity to go inside of Nile to learn how a whale's unique anatomy allows it to survive in the ocean environment.  Do you know how long a whale can hold its breath?  Finally, the students studied how plastic debris is the largest threat facing whales and other marine life.  They were taught steps they can take in their everyday lives to help reduce trash in the oceans and landfills.